Jill dudley aristocrat

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Jill dudley aristocrat

By Matt Hunter For Mailonline. A British peer has sacked his handyman after he returned from holiday to find an antique mirror smashed. William Humble David Jeremy Ward, the Earl of Dudley, told the workman, Andrew Hughes, to find another job when he discovered his five-foot tall mirror, shattered. Mr Hughes, who denies involvement, has offered to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence.

He said Mr Hughes had been tasked to bleed a radiator while he was in his Spanish holiday home. But he returned to find the mirror in pieces in a hallway sparking a huge row between the pair. Mr Hughes, who has worked for the Earl for two years, says the mirror was fine when he left the property after fixing the bedroom radiator.

But the Earl has told him never to come back after the mirror smash. He also needs to focus on rehearsals as he is a musician who performs under the stage name Lord Diddley. In an email letter, seen by the Mirror on Sundayhe said: 'Anyone with deductive reasoning would find it difficult to disassociate the ensuing damage with your visit to my room to assist with the radiator, via the upstairs landing — particularly in view of the many layers of clothing you were wearing, that served to pad out the width of your passing frame.

I must, accordingly, demand that you stay away from my home in future. Mr Hughes has hit back and claimed the Earl has not paid him his euros bill for his four days work at the aristocrat's main home on the Gulf of Valencia, Spain. He said the allegations were 'simply untrue'. Mr Hughes said there were other people in the house who were bleeding radiators and if it had been himself the other workmen would have heard it.

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More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.By Helen Weathers for the Daily Mail. Cradling a twin in each arm, the photo of Jill Dudley tells a deceptive story. A former debutante and distant relative of post-war British prime minister Clement Attlee, she appears the epitome of a contented Sixties upper middle-class housewife and mother. Other photographs of her identical twins Alex and Marcus confirm the impression of a seemingly idyllic, innocent childhood growing up in a beautiful Elizabethan home in Sussex.

The boys, two peas in a pod in their matching outfits, look happy and carefree as they play conkers or sit together on the bonnet of the family car. The photographs seem all the more poignant given that their father, salesman John Lewis, was killed in a car crash just three weeks after their birth, leaving Jill a young widow.

But hard though it is to believe, their seemingly loving mother was nothing of the sort. Today, Alex and Marcus Lewis - now 49 - are still coming to terms with this dark secret, which was for so long buried within the heart of their family.

You could put any label on her and it wouldn't be enough. To look at the twins, you would never imagine they could have been the victims of such horrors. Or that, even more distressingly, their mother occasionally 'passed them around' male friends in London, who also abused them.

jill dudley aristocrat

Today, they have prosperous lives as highly successful business partners running a multi-million-pound property portfolio in London and a boutique hotel on the African island of Pemba, just off Zanzibar. Fatherless: The only picture the boys were ever in with their father, who died hours or days after this was taken. Both are happily married. Alex, his wife and their two sons, aged six and two, live in Chichester; and Marcus shares a three-bedroom townhouse in North London with his wife and their two children, aged six and three.

You can stay a victim and go down, or step up and move on with your life,' says Alex. Marcus adds: 'Our childhood was grim, though we didn't realise it at the time. We thought it was normal. Our bond was so close and our love for each other unconditional. It was as if we had our own protective bubble.

The book would never have been written had Alex not lost his memory, aged 18, after suffering head injuries in a motorbike accident. When he came out of a week-long coma after the accident, he instantly recognised his twin Marcus, but had absolutely no recollection of anything or anyone else - including his mother and the terrible deeds she had committed. It was as if someone had pressed the delete button on a computer.InCharles Aron, co-owner of Aristocratdivorced his wife, Evelyn.

Earl of Dudley claims handyman Andrew Hughes shattered an antique mirror

He was a lowly country lawyer and she a Kentucky aristocrat who had come to visit her older sister in Illinois. Will she settle down to a life of quiet obscurity and shooting parties and marry an aristocrat like the establishment hopes? In previous centuries, a Roman aristocrat who made a political misstep ended in obscurity or exile.

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jill dudley aristocrat

It is alike the passion of the parvenu and the pride of the aristocrat. To pretend that the aristocrat meets all classes at Oxford is too ludicrous to be worth discussion. Advertisement top definitions quizzes related content examples explore dictionary british aristocrat.

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Example sentences from the Web for aristocrat InCharles Aron, co-owner of Aristocratdivorced his wife, Evelyn. Dollars and Sense Col.

Rambles in Womanland Max O'Rell. All Things Considered G. Test Your Word IQ! Play Now.The identical twin brothers who shocked the nation with their story of being sexually abused by their own mother - before one twin concealed their traumatic past from the other after he lost his memory - have said they decided to publish their tale to encourage other families to talk about their pasts.

Alex and Marcus Lewis, 49, were assured and confident as they spoke on ITV's This Morning spoke about their horrific childhood, and Marcus' impossible decision to hide the past from his brother after Alex lost his memory in a motorbike accident when he was They said their motivation for writing a book about their experiences was to encourage other families to talk to each other, and to prove that trauma can be overcome.

The Lewis twins, now 49, went on This Morning to talk about their story and discuss why they decided to write a book. Alex lost his memory at age 18 after a motorcycle accident, and had no knowledge of the abuse until after his mother's death. Alex said: 'We are both married, we both have children.

You can move forward. These harrowing things can happen to you, but we've all got the opportunity to put that aside and live our lives. Alex spoke of how the accident at 18 left him with no memory of his life so far, and how he had to relearn basic functions, even how to walk.

Alex's only remaining memory upon regaining consciousness was of his twin. I said "hello Marcus",' he said. It was only when I asked "who's that? The woman was Alex's mother, and Alex's total amnesia left Marcus with the agonising decision of whether to tell him about their abusive childhood at the hands of that woman. Marcus says his decision not to tell his twin about their childhood traumas was made to protect him. Their mother Jill Dudley sexually abused both boys throughout their childhood - and even passed them around a paedophile ring of her friends to be knowingly abused.

Marcus said he didn't consciously make the decision to hide the abuse from Alex when he was in hospital. It was thrust upon me, and I was so busy the first couple of months teaching Alex to walk again and caring for him.

His mental age was quite young at first. Alex spoke on This Morning about how, with no memory of abuse, he was quickly able to come to love his mother as he recovered from his accident. He said there wasn't a 'light bulb moment' when he decided he would conceal the abuse, but rather he gradually came to the realisation that he could spare his brother some of the pain he had gone through.

I thought "I'm just not going to tell him". If you had the opportunity to give that to your sibling, you would. It's a no-brainer. With no memory of the abuse, Alex continued to make a good recovery, and to build a close both with his mother.


He said: 'I was being lead. He [Marcus] was my memories. I grew to love and accept them very quickly. I spent 13 years in that state of mind, everything was fine. The twins, Alex left and Marcus right, who are both now married and have children, says it is possible to move on from trauma. Marcus said he also had to live the story of a happy family he had created for Alex, joining in family activities and putting on a happy face, despite carrying his heavy burden.

It was only when their mother died of cancer that Alex's suspicious were first raised.Read on to discover the last names that could reveal a link to royalty in your family tree. Are you related to royals? But some surnames also reveal royal blood. But the family trees of prominent families are well-recorded. Next : These last names could link you to British aristocracy.

Edward Astley a. Baron Hastings. This name is associated with Baron Hastings, dating back to in England. According to the Surname Database, last names related to a location were often — as with Astley — first held by the local lord of the manor. Next : A famous writer has this last name and title.

Lord George Byron brought fame to the name. The title was created in England inand it continues today. Next : One man with this title met a violent death.

Robert Devereux may be the most infamous Earl of Essex. The title dates back to 12th-century England. The Surname Database explains a locational surname, like Capell, was usually acquired by a local landowner or the lord of the manor. The most famous Earls of Essex over the years? Robert Deveraux.

This earl tried and failed to stage a coup against Queen Elizabeth I.

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As the Surname Database notes, Thomas Clifford originally received the title. And this Clifford actually became an early settler in Virginia. In fact, he left London aboard a ship called the Primrose in July Next : An American TV star married the heir to this title. Next : This royal-sounding name is a bit more unusual. Next : A famous British actress has this royal last name. A surname associated with Baron Dormer, this title dates back to Next : This name has an interesting meaning, too.

A title originally dating to Next : Many people associate this name with Robin Hood. Dating back tothis title was associated with the ruling house of Scotland. Next : Several titles are connected to this name. This name is associated with both Baron Herbert and the Earl of Pembroke. The title Baron Herbert dates toand Earl of Pembroke dates to the 12th century.

Next : This name goes hand-in-hand with one of the highest titles. The king created this title when he created the title of the Earl of Norfolk.

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This title is held by the Duke of Norfolk, whose family descend from Sir William Howard who died in Next : This unusual name is linked to an even more unusual title.

As The Guardian explains, the barony was revived in Sold by: Amazon. Skip to main content Jill Dudley. Something went wrong.

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jill dudley aristocrat

Kindle Edition. Next page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By Jill Dudley. The Goddess Muck, a small and loveable immortal who watches over farmers in the south-west, finds herself welcoming the supreme Olympian god, Lord Zeus, who comes to Britain with his wife to see how much improved the people are after two thousand years of Christianity. The Olympian is impressed by what he sees, but certain goings-on alarm the Goddess Muck who is unable to conceal the scandalous behaviour of her two favourites, a young farmer and his wife.

It is a rich tapestry of fact and fantasy as Jill Dudley draws on her love of the Greek classics and her earlier years in dairy farming to weave legend and myth from ancient Greece with reality today.

Her light touch guarantees an amusing read. Other Formats: Paperback. They travel to Turkey, Mt.

jill dudley aristocrat

Olympus, the mountain of the Gods. Holy Fire! Jill Dudley's search for enlightenment continues as she and her husband Harry join a Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land. As a confused agnostic in contrast to Harry who takes Christianity on trustshe is at her humorous best as she travels with her fellow pilgrims and attempts to toe the line to their Christian expectations of her.

She listens to pro- and anti- Zionists, and speaks to Orthodox Jews and frustrated Palestinian Christians. They stay in Jerusalem, and visit Bethlehem, Qumran, Masada, travelling south to the Dead Sea, and then north to Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee visiting Caesarea, Nazareth, Capernaum and Megiddo where the final battle and the end of the world is expected. In "Gods in Britain" Jill Dudley travels from England to Scotland, from Cornwall to Wales in search of the pagan past, gathering myths and legends on the way.

As with her earlier travel books on Greece, she continues to explore how, and even why, early Christianity took over. Her continued quest for enlightenment contrasts amusingly with her ever-tolerant husband and travelling companion, Harry, often the star of the show, who takes the Church's teachings on trust. The book concludes with Canterbury where the author attends the Easter Resurrection service - among, as she puts it, those who have attained Olympic standards of Christian belief led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

But, as she points out, there have been resurrections of gods since the beginning of time. It is an entertaining and informative read, and has a useful Glossary at the end of gods, giants and heroes. Stonehenge: Prehistoric barrows, Druids and Romans 2. Glastonbury: The Tor. Gwythr and Gwynn and the Hounds of Hell. The Abbey, the earliest church, and King Arthur's tomb.By Jane Ridley. October 12, pm Updated February 5, pm.

When Alex Lewis woke from a six-week coma following a motorcycle accident inthe first person he saw was his identical year-old twin, Marcus. Within seconds, a tall, ungainly woman in her 50s bore down on the patient in hysterics. Everything else was a mystery. Remarkably, that altered state allowed Marcus to give his brother a clean slate.

For more than 12 years, he conducted an elaborate deception to protect Alex from the sordid reality of their childhood: Beginning when they were 6 years old, their mother had sexually abused the twins and allowed them to be tortured by a pedophile ring.

It was my gift. I did it out of love for him.

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He painted a picture of a happy life, full of annual family vacations — which actually never happened. The duo found cartons of cigarettes, jam jars stuffed with cash, more money sewn into the hems of curtains — and a large number of sex toys in a locked wardrobe. In the attic, they discovered dozens of presents — obviously intended for them — from godparents, aunts and uncles, which Jill had stored, largely unopened.

Then, locked in a cupboard within a cupboard, they came upon the photo that began to break open the truth of their childhood. But for nearly two decades, Marcus refused to share any more details of what had happened.

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As he told The Post, it was out of self-preservation. Planting all those false memories for his brother had helped Marcus as well, because he slowly started to believe them himself.

Initially, Alex was upset with Marcus. At 32, I had to restructure my whole life again. She had, at one point, put the twins in foster care so she could pursue erotic adventures. Alex, who lives in West Sussex, began to have suicidal thoughts.

Mercifully, his wife and their two sons helped him through it.

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The brothers remained close, forming a multimillion-dollar hotel partnership with properties in Zanzibar and London. Inafter their book was published, director Ed Perkins approached them about doing a documentary. Instead, he agreed to share the story on video, for Alex to watch. In the most disturbing scene in the documentary, Marcus delivers his four-minute monologue. At one bash, Marcus recalled, he wet his pants in terror after seeing a man who had abused him a few months earlier.

The abuse ended after year-old Marcus was left at the home of an artist. When the twins are reunited afterward, they tearfully embrace. Marcus believes that their stepfather was unaware of the abuse.

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