Final fantasy 7 remake platinum

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Final fantasy 7 remake platinum

Set in the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of Midgarplayers control mercenary Cloud Strife as he and an eco-terrorist group known as AVALANCHE oppose a powerful megacorporation known as Shinra from using the planet's life essence as an energy source.

The gameplay combines real-time action with strategic and role-playing elements. Remake was announced in following years of speculation. The staff redesigned the characters to balance realism and stylization. The game received positive response by critics with praise aimed towards its graphics, gameplay, narrative and music. Critics applauded how faithful the story and lore was to the original game from while also expanding on it.

The updated battle system also received a very positive response due to its strategic elements and visual flourishes. However, reception was more mixed toward the game's linearity and the repetitive nature of its sidequests. Final Fantasy VII Remake was a critical and financial success and has become one of the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 games, selling over 3. Exploration and battle mechanics both take place in real time, like Final Fantasy XV.

The game features an altered " Active Time Battle " ATB system from the original, which gradually fills up slowly, or can fill faster with attacks. Once it is filled, the player can halt the action and use special abilities such as magic, items, and special moves. The player can also assign these special abilities to shortcut buttons, allowing them to play entirely in real-time without pausing.

Each special ability uses up a segment of the ATB bar. Each party member has their own individual skills, such as Cloud's close-quarters melee attacks and Barret's long-range distance attacks. While the game has more real-time elements, strategic elements still remain, such as selecting weapons and magic for each character to wield. Despite being marketed as a remake, the narrative has multiple changes from the original game such as Barret being attacked by the antagonist Sephiroth but being saved by a shadow.

Sephiroth appears constantly in the story during the Midgar scenario despite not being properly introduced until a flashback Cloud explores. Vice also noted that Cloud sees the future of Aerith in the original game, leaving her fate unknown to returning fans. Barret believes excessive mako harvesting harms the planet, leading a bombing attack on a mako reactor.

Cloud goes missing in an action in the next attack. Cloud meets Aerith again and protects her from Shinra forces. After they reunite with Tifa, the trio learns that Shinra plans to collapse a piece of the "plate" onto the Sector 7 slums. Avalanche fails to stop Shinra's plan, and the plate falls. Aerith helps most of the population and Barret's daughter Marlene evacuate in time, but is captured by Shinra. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret infiltrate Shinra headquarters and rescue Aerith from being used as an experiment by Shinra scientist Hojo.

She reveals that she is the last descendant of the Cetra, a near-extinct precursor race who resided in a "Promised Land", which Shinra covets due to its boundless mako reserves.There are apparently 18 chapters, each unlocking a bronze trophy.

Many other trophies are simple tutorial tasks such as staggering an enemy which happens naturally. That is potentially the hardest trophy in the game. Do you like what you see?

24/7 Final Fantasy Community Stream - FF7-8-9-10-12-13-15 Walkthroughs By Dansg08 - Description

How hard and long do you think platinum will be? Anyway, looking forward to the trophy guide. The Platinum is achievable by whatever the developers deem so. Also if I remember correctly from the original game some enemy skills were hard to get as they never used them often, one or two of the enemies were rare random spawns and were certainly missable in the original game.

I pleased Square has included these in the remake. I remember some of them being really useful early game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gil Farming Guide

That mantra something missile spell was awesome. Let me guess, you like to have your hand held throughout alot of experiences right? Nothing wrong with a good challenge in a game. I definitely agree with what Brad said tbh. No need to act so entitled lol. You expect all to trophies just being given to you based on your terms?

I guess you completely missed the whole point of trophies. Brad, wow, just wow, you come across like an elitist ass and add nothing to the conversation. Good job, you suck. So, yes, this having a trophy for hard mode makes sense. Suck it up weasels. No need to be a ass and getting worked up about virtual trophies. Sound like a loser who just collects trophies and plays shitty games to get virtual trophies.

Hopefully we can all leave it at that. All of you little whingers complaining about the difficulty trophies need to grow up. I like to have it set up so that when I beat the game on hard the hard trophy and platinum trophy pop back to back.

The mingame challenges on hard could be a pain. Hopefully hard mode can be done on new game plus. Challenge accepted. Def going for this plat.Cloud is making a return, and this time he's not a polygonal, blocky mess. In Final Fantasy 7 Remakecharacters are rendered in near-photorealistic detail.

The graphics are gorgeous, supported by the power of the PlayStation 4. This much-anticipated remake is the first PlayStation exclusive ofbut it will only remain exclusive to Sony's platform for a year.

final fantasy 7 remake platinum

If you take a close look at the cover of the physical release for the game, there is a rather telling sticker in the lower right corner. Perhaps even the Nintendo Switch?

final fantasy 7 remake platinum

Only time will tell. You'll also have to wait to find out if this year-long exclusivity will apply to the other two parts of the remake. Square Enix went all out, splitting the game into three parts that will each release as their own AAA title. It's unclear how soon you'll get to see the second part of Cloud and his crew's adventures, or if PlayStation will have first dibs on this release as well. Exclusives aren't exactly exclusive these days.

More and more studios are embracing the strategy of getting their games into as many players' hands as possible, even if that means breaking with tradition and moving on to new platforms.

Many other titles within the franchise have also gone multi-platform. It looks like the same thing is happening for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Expect the game to move on to more consoles in All rights reserved. What platforms will Final Fantasy 7 Remake be on?We have already seen it many times, Final Fantasy VII Remake asks the trophy hunters to redo the game several times in order to collect all the dresses and all the manuscript for the weapons skills, but also the 4 ennemy skills to get with their Materia.

One in particular it's difficult to get, since it's only available on the Malboro Boss, one of the legendary monsters of the Final Fantasy series. To combat it, go to chapter 17, in Hard Mode only. Advance 5 to 10 minutes in the chapter before falling on Chadley and his combat reports, which will present you the ultimate simulator where you will be able to access the most complex arenas of the game, including the one that interests us here.

Don't forget to equip the enemy skill Materia on one of your characters so that Bad Breath is learned. Round 1 - Bomb: You've already come across it in combat normally, wait until it spits flames and goes out a bit to give it a heavy blow that will destabilize it. The operation is to be repeated 2 or 3 times but you should have no trouble getting through it.

Round 2 - Tonberry: This little guy is formidable, if he decides to kill you, he will do it all at once simply by snapping his fingers. The solution to finish it quickly is to attack it endlessly and hope that it makes a false movement to take advantage of it and increase its stagger gauge.

Expect to lose a character or two during the fight. Round 3 - Type-0 Behemoth: The toughest enemy of this series of encounters is clearly not the same fight as during the side quest. When it's unleashed after its howling, avoid contact and stay very far from the monster, while caring for your colleagues who, them, will not have the reflex to dodge it.

The objective remains the same as for your first meeting with him: destroy its front or rear part to cripple it, it remains dangerous even in this state, but you will have more openness to cause it damage and try to get into Stagger mode. Make all the necessary preparations to optimize this phase by following this guide.

Round 4 - Bomb and Tonberry: Take care of the bomb in the first place, much more mobile and annoying, then go over the little demon with the deadly blade. It"s a fairly easy intermediate fight but it can be expensive in MP, stay alert to be sure you have what it takes for the Malboro right after. The carnivorous plant is making a comeback and is rather nervous. So, the fight is not very difficult, but it will pull in the length and requires to regularly heal your teammates.

The goal of the game is to make sure that a minimum of friends is not affected by bad breath, this technique inflicting almost all the penalties in the universe. Roll behind it and attack with Cloud.

Chosen team : Aerith, Tifa and Cloud. Vous apporte son aide depuis sur vos AAA favoris. More Stories. All News. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Zones revealed in new images 17 feb Discover guides. The biggest game releases of 5 days ago. The Millenium. C Millenium. All rights reserved. Follow us:.Getting the platinum in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is no easy feat and takes near 70 hours of playtime based on most estimates. Between two replays with one being on hard, dress hunting, moogle medal farming and some tough secret bosses to contend withMashima definitely put in the work.

This achievement in completion doesn't come during Mashima's downtime either despite the manga of Fairy Tail ending in Mashima has been working on the spinoff series Fairy Tail: Years Quest since as writer with Atsuo Ueda handling illustration.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trophy List Revealed

The most recent chapter was released on April 22, just one day before Mashima got his platinum trophy. PS4share pic. Manga artists are notorious for being some of the hardest working creators ever. With Mashima's role now serving as writer, he doesn't have the same deadlines he once used to, giving him the time to master the challenges Midgar. There is no denying that writing a manga is a time consuming and delicate art but Mashima definitely put in the work for a fitting platinum trophy.

No release date has been announced for the next chapter of Fairy Tail: Years Quest but fans can rest easy knowing that Mashima doesn't have Final Fantasy 7 Remake to distract him from writing. As for Final Fantasy 7 Remakethe game continues to be a big success for Square Enix despite some negative reception from fans regarding the narrative changes.

Fans will have to ponder if Mashima will platinum his own creation when it releases. By Daniel Viegas Apr 26, Share Tweet Email 0.This FF7 Remake Hard Mode guide explains how to unlock hard mode with hard mode tips like how to recover and manage MP, hard mode differences, new challenges, and more. Here's a basic list of Hard Mode differences:. A big one is that you cannot use itemsbut the compounding issue is that healing spells take a lot of MP, and in addition to no longer being able to use Ethers, you also no longer restore MP at benches.

This is where the real challenge of Hard Mode comes in, because now you need to approach combat a little differently.

Here are some MP Recovery tips:. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to mitigate the amount of MP you need to use for healing at least. Because you can't use items or recover MP easily in Hard Mode, there are three Materia you need to equip:.

Because the standard healing materia is so strong, especially when paired with Magnify, you may have never used the Chakra and Prayer Materia to heal - two materia that use ATB instead of MP.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough: How to defeat Malboro in Hard Mode

However, in hard mode Chakra and Pray materia are essential because they are the main ways to restore HP without having to spend MP. Now, chances are these materia will need some leveling up.

Fortunately, now that you have chapter select, you have some pretty easy ways to. If you manage to beat the final Shinra Battle Simulator challenge and defeat the Pride and Joy, you will be rewarded with the best accessory in the game. Called Gotterdammerung, this item will give the character it's equipped on a full Limit Break bar at the beginning of EVERY battle, and will automatically charge their Limit Break over time after every use.

Keeping the Gotterdammerung equipped on your favorite character will allow you to instantly defeat many common enemies, and will give you an huge advantage during boss fights.

final fantasy 7 remake platinum

By using Chapter Select, you can jump straight to the Battle Simulator in Chapter 17, win the Gotterdammerung, and then start over from Chapter 1 on Hard Mode with instant Limit Breaks to ease your way. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide.

Last Edited: 26 Apr pm. You get one in Chapter 6, and another by doing all side-quests.

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Read How to Get Elemental Materia for more details. Was this guide helpful?

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YES NO. In This Wiki Guide.

final fantasy 7 remake platinum

Developers CyberConnect2, Square Enix. Release Date April 10, Table of Contents.This page has a trophy guide to Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We have created a detailed list of all trophies available in FF7R. You will learn about the requirements for individual trophies and how to get the platinum trophy.

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Comment : you can unlock this trophy after receiving Assess Materia in the Chapter 3. You have to first analyze your opponent's weaknesses and then use them in combat. That is how you get the trophy. Comment : you get this trophy by helping a companion who was grappled or pinned down by an enemy.

You can get it when fighting the first boss. All you have to do is switch to another member of the team and free the other from oppression. If you don't take advantage of that opportunity, another one will appear at the end of Chapter 4.

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When opponents block Tifa, you can help her. Comment : you get this trophy by completing story missions. You unlock the ability to upgrade your weapons in Chapter 3. How to unlock : get the first Summon. Comment : you get this trophy by completing a specific mission in Chapter 3. You stay at the bar where you can play darts. Your goal is to get first place in the leaderboard.

Comment : information on how to get this item can be found in a separate section of the guide - Collapsed Passageway - discoveries.

Comment : information on how to get this item can be found in a separate section of the guide - Waste Recovery - discoveries. How to unlock : complete A Verified Hero mission. Comment : this interaction is only possible in Chapter 9 - to get this trophy, you must first complete all side quests. Comment : you can do this in Chapter 8. You have to go to Chadley - he will give you new assignments.

Comment : you can do this in Chapter 9. Remember to save the game before you start it, in case you fail. Comment : you will get the trophy in Chapter 9. However, the choice itself takes place in Chapter 3 during Alone at Last - discoveries. Comment : you get the letter after completing 24 side missions.

You will pick it up in Chapter


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